The Board of Supervisors of the Southern Grove Community Development District Nos. 1-6 (“District”) will hold a public hearing on August 12, 2020, at 10:30 a.m. at the Tradition Town Hall located at 10799 SW Civic Lane, Port St. Lucie, Florida 34987 for the purpose of hearing comments and objections on the adoption of the budgets of the District for Fiscal Year 2020/2021.  A regular board meeting of the District will also be held at that time where the Board may consider agenda items and any other business that may properly come before it.

It is anticipated that the public hearing and meeting will take place at the location provided above. In the event that the COVID-19 public health emergency prevents the hearing and meeting from occurring in-person, the District may conduct the public hearing by telephone or video conferencing communications media technology pursuant to governmental orders, including but not limited to Executive Orders 20-52, 20-69 and 20-150, issued by Governor DeSantis, and any extensions or supplements thereof, and pursuant to Section 120.54(5)(b)2., Florida Statutes

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Meeting ID: 826 5159 2480

Dial In Phone Number:  1 929 436 2866

About the District

The Southern Grove Community Development District No’s. 1-6 (“Districts”) are independent special districts, created pursuant to and existing under the provisions of Chapter 190, Florida Statutes, and established by Ordinance No’s 07-33 through 07-38 by the City Council of the City of Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie County, Florida on April 9, 2007 and amended Ordinance No. 09-68 enacted August 24, 2009. The Districts include within their boundaries approximately 3,605 acres of land located in the City of Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie County, west of Interstate 95 and south of Gatlin Boulevard.

The Districts are part of a master-planned, mixed-use community. The development plans include: 4,921 single-family homes; 1,185 multi-family homes; 600 apartment units; 2,164,292 square feet of commercial space; 2,073,237 square feet of office space; 1,999,405 square feet of industrial space; 500 hotel rooms, and 300 hospital beds.


St. Lucie

April 9, 2007

City Ord. 7-33 (PDF) (RTF)

General Election

City of Port St. Lucie